Teen Counseling

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Teen Counseling

Helping Families in Need.

A big need in the world that we live in is teen counseling. We are finding more teens in trouble with the law and in bad relationships with their parents than at any other time in history. Shootings such as the Columbine High School shootings and other mass murders are bringing to light some real issues that lie at the base of our society. We are living in a society of TROUBLED TEENS.

We at Crisis Family Care, Inc. feel that our teenagers are too important to lose. We are seeking to strenghthen family bonds and thereby strenthing this key core of our society. We are interested in teenagers no matter what their situation may be. Whether there are problems in the home or other deeper issues in their lives we believe that through Bible based Christian Counseling we can help!

Many parents find themselves in desperate situations feeling helpless. Many times a parent is left feeling like, "What more can I do for this child? I am at my wits end!" It is at this point where Crisis Family Care, Inc. is able to help. We give counseling to both teenager and parent to try and restore a good healthy parent child relationship

Regardless of what the issue may be we want to HELP! If you "don't know where else to turn" and you have "done all that you can do," please contact us. Please fill out our evaluation form and get your free family and teen counseling session today.

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