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Many couples come here with a relationship that is in trouble. Many people have a marriage that is in desperate need. It is interesting to note that many people don't think that their marriage needs any maintanance, but a marriage is much like a car.

What would happen if you were to drive a brand new corvette off the car lot and you would drive it for ten years but never take it to a garage? Within time that beautiful, brand, new corvette would end up in the junk yard. Everyone knows that it would be absurd to never take a car to a garage. Every vehicle needs a routine oil change, tire rotation and many other routine maitenance needs. However, many times we treat our marriage the same way, thinking that marriages just get along and never need a trip to the garage. This is the reason many marriages are finding themselves in the proverbial, "Marriage Junk Yard."

When you get married they do not hand you a manual that tells you what to do and what not to do and when to check certain things. But that doesn't change the fact that every marriage needs a routine check and also some fixing up here and there. It is our hope and prayer that we can offer you to some degree a manual for your marriage and you can stop in every once in a while for some relationship advice and get a check up.

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