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The Purpose of Crisis Family Care

Helping Families in Need.

The purpose of Crisis Family Care (CFC) is to offer user-friendly teaching materials on the many issues of the family and direct online counseling for individual application.

The teaching begins with the husband and wife relationship and continues through the parenting and raising of children into adulthood. All of this naturally affects the development skills of the leadership roles of each member of the family.

The need for CFC is extremely important with the demise and ongoing destruction of the family unit. The home, families, husband-wife relationships, and children are facing some very difficult days ahead.

Crisis Family Care is providing practical and relevant information on the family that can be readily used at minimal cost and without extended study time. It is a known fact that there are more teaching materials available than ever before; however, the problem for many people is usually in the cost of purchasing and the time to research the material. CFC is dedicated to do the research and make the teaching materials available to be used online or to download in a usable and teachable format.

For example: I am struggling trying to communicate to my wife. What can I do to improve it?

Or, My husband thinks that being the head of the home means being the boss or the one who calls all the shots. What can I say that will help him understand what being the head of the home really means?

The teaching format includes detailed notes for the teacher/facilitator of the group, and handouts in outline form for the recipient of the instruction. The handouts should be personally labeled for the name of the business or church group.

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