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Our Marriage Counseling

Helping Families in Need.

Crisis Family Care (CFC) provides information for online counseling and for small group teaching. The instructional outlines may be used in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • online counseling
  • small business groups
  • neighborhood support groups
  • community counseling groups with children and youth
  • pastors/teachers
  • youth leaders.

You will find information that directly speaks to specific individual issues in the lives of people and provides solutions. This is not just theory but practical how-to-steps to help people overcome many of their personal problems today.

These may be used individually or may be shared in small groups settings. Either way, these resources help accelerate the process of ministering to the needs of people.

The researched materials used are the results of years of teaching and ongoing research of many specialists in the field of family care. You will find teachings that will include topics such as:

  • My husband does not know how to communicate. What should I do?
  • My wife has been unfaithful.
  • Our children do not respect authority.
  • My husband is a hard worker on the job but does not lift a hand around the house.
  • Our sexual relationship is very weak.
  • I am having trouble with my in-laws.

You may download the notes for personal use or to reproduce them for your small group.

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