Marriage Seminar in Mountain Road God's Missionary Church

Crisis Family Care, Inc. Held A Marriage Seminar in Penns Creek, Pennsylvania.

Thank you for praying for our Marriage and Family Revival. God really gave us a wonderful weekend. The response of the people was very exciting and encouraging. At the Saturday evening session 36 couples stood facing each other, holding hands, and renewed their wedding vows. After the vows you should have seen the husbands claiming their Brides. It was a pleasant sight. One of the 36 couples was actually renewing their vows while watching the service on live streaming. I believe that was the largest group of couples in the history of CFC’s renewing of vows ceremony. The one online was the first to renew their vows on line. Thank God for the technology that reaches to people who are not able to be in the service. Thank God for Mountain Road GM Church who uses this technology.

Marriage Seminar Mt. Road, GMC

Re-commitment of fathers at Mountain Road, God's Missionary Church

Here is the Pastor’s response to the weekend: Thank you Bro. Heath for coming and ministering to our people on such a short notice. We turned the weekend into a Marriage and Family Revival because, at first, we were unsure how our people would respond to something so different from the norm. The response from our people has been tremendous though, and we have even received thank you cards from some who were here, but were not from our church family letting us know that they appreciate the vision of the pastoral team and church board for meeting the need of the home. The most precious thing that happened over our weekend was when I saw someone get up enough courage to talk to you personally that I knew from pastoral dealings was having marriage difficulties. I had been specifically praying that God would open up that heart to be willing to talk to you and God answered my prayer. This was probably the pinnacle point for me from the weekend, but my heart is absolutely thrilled with “all” that God has done out of our Marriage and Family Weekend.

In Christ,

Rev. Greg E. Hobelman

Mountain Road GMC

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