Marriage Seminar in Lakewood Bible Fellowship Church

Crisis Family Care, Inc. Held A Marriage Seminar in Lakewood.

God gave us a wonderful marriage seminar at the Lakewood Bible Fellowship Church with Pastor Richard Beckham. On Friday night we celebrated Valentines with a joint session for singles and married couples speaking on “Committing To The Right Things.” On Saturday we had the marriage sessions for the married couples. The sessions went very well and ended with the renewal of the wedding vows. On Sunday morning I spoke on “Developing Godly Families in An Ungodly World.”

Here is what one person said about the seminar, “I enjoyed this seminar. I was afraid of being bored but was very surprised. I really believe I received some ideas to help our marriage.”

Here is what one person said in answering the question what did you like most about the seminar? “The fun and relaxed way that the format is set-up and the willingness to openly discuss whatever questions came up.”

Here is what Senior Pastor Richard Beckham had to say, “Thanks, Butch, for your wonderful ministry to Lakewood Bible Fellowship this past weekend. God used you in so many ways to bless our congregation. Of course, as you know, the focus was on our young married couples attending the Valentine Marriage Retreat.

Since so many of these couples are wonderful new "babies in the faith" your emphasis on the biblical view of marriage was so crucial to the development of a proper Christian world view. Their personal expressions to me let me know that your ministry to them was profoundly effective.

But your ministry through Crisis Family Care didn't end there. God used you as one of the crucial human instruments to not only bring salvation to a young mother who is in the crisis of the break-up of her home, but you were able to lay the groundwork for the hopeful reconciliation between herself and her abusive husband. Your ministry in just this one area was well worth our investment in bringing you to Lakewood.

From all of us here at Lakewood Bible Fellowship, may we say a heartfelt "Thank you!" for allowing God to use you to bless us. Our prayers (and support) for you and Crisis Family Care will follow your future ministry.

Thanks again.

Richard Beckham, Senior Pastor

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