Marriage Enrichment Seminars

We are happy to provide you with several different Marriage Enrichment Seminars that include the teaching notes and handout notes.

These seminars are designed to be used in your local group or church setting. The person giving the seminar should familiarize themselves with the teaching notes and personalize the session if desired.

You may download the lessons and reproducible outlines to give to your group. Be sure to personalize the notes with your own business small group or church name and date it for the occasion.

You may choose the seminar by subject matter or by the complete seminar session.

Take some time in becoming familiar with the lesson and add some personal touches, perhaps some of your own illustrations. This service is not trying to eliminate personal study but to provide information in areas of the family that are often neglected due to a lack of money to purchase resource materials or lack of time for research.

There is no charge for this service. However, CFC is a 501 C3 non-profit organization that operates on a donation basis. Donations are tax-deductible and will be receipted for tax purposes. You may make a donation through PayPal. Please look on the home page for donation information.

Seminar One — How To Have a Marriage That Really Lasts

  1. A Strong Commitment To Make Your Marriage WorkTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  2. An Effective, Mutual, and Satisfying Communication with Your CompanionTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  3. A Strong Spiritual VitalityTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  4. An Effective Way To Resolve ConflictTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  5. A Sincere Physical and Emotional IntimacyTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  6. A Servant's Heart for Each OtherTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  7. Continual Growth and DevelopmentTeaching Notes | Student Handout )

Marriage Enrichment Seminar Two

  1. The Games Couples PlayTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  2. Marriage 101Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  3. Building Blocks for a Strong MarriageTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  4. How To Fight and WinTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  5. Warning Signals of a Crumbling MarriageTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  6. Making It Last ForeverTeaching Notes | Student Handout )

Marriage Enrichment Seminar Three

  1. Where Are You in Your Marriage? ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout | Discussion Questions )
  2. How To Understand My Mate ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout | Discussion Questions )
  3. Wisdom for Wives ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout | Discussion Questions )
  4. Help for Husbands ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout | Discussion Questions )
  5. Sincere Sexual Satisfaction ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout | Discussion Questions )
  6. Strengthening Your Marriage for Life ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout | Discussion Questions )

Marriage Enrichment Seminar Four

  1. Becoming the Irresistible Partner ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  2. Overcoming the Major Marital Killer ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  3. Marriage Is a Biblical Partnership ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  4. Communication, Part 1 — Understanding What Communication Is ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  5. Communication, Part 2 — How Can I Learn To Communicate With My Companion ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  6. 10 Ways To Have a Growing, Healthy, and Happy MarriageTeaching Notes | Student Handout )

Marriage Enrichment Seminar Five

  1. Mistakes We Often Make — For the WifeTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  2. Mistakes Husbands Often MakeTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  3. Becoming the Biblical Head of Your HomeTeaching Notes | Student Handout )
  4. Becoming the Biblical Helper to Your Husband ( Teaching Notes | Student Handout )
  5. Keeping the Foxes from Spoiling the VinesTeaching Notes | Student Handout )