Free Marriage Counseling

Save Your Marriage for Free

Everybody likes to get something for free! What a great feeling when you go to a place of business and you realize that they are handing things out that day for nothing, nada, gratis, FREE!!! Wow! Whether it was a hotdog and drink at the bank, or a Caramel Frapé at McDonalds, it is a great feeling, because you didn't have to pay for what you received.

Then there is the other side of the coin. Have you ever received something in the mail that said FREE? Only to read the fine print and it says, "After you complete this and this and this and this offer!" Free? Really? Or how about on the radio. Please call 1-800-CANCER-9 to get your FREE trial of vitamins to take care of cancer. We will only be giving very few of these away so call now!!" You call and they ask for your credit card. You say, CREDIT CARD? I thought this was free. "Oh, yes sir, the vitamins are free. We are just asking for a minimal Shipping and Handling charge of $15.99." I typically say, "Thank you but no thanks." And hang up! I don't know if the definition of FREE has changed, but I thought that free meant, NOT PAYING ANYTHING!

Recently I have done some searching on the internet for "Free Things." For example, "Free Fonts." It is frustrating when the first 20 searches are not really free but simply have the word free on the page somewhere. You waste 10 minutes of your life finding out that something you thought that you wouldn't have to pay for would cost you ONLY $59.98.

Then I was searching for Free Marriage Counseling and low and behold what did I find? One of the searches that came up, offered Free E-mail consultation. The catch? You had to buy the Save Your Marriage course first for only $50 and that was a bargain that was only going to last for today. But I think one of the best results for FREE MARRIAGE COUNSELING, was one that really wanted me to spend ONLY close to $400 on a program to help my marriage. FREE? REALLY? Now I don't know about you, but neither of those is my definition of FREE!

Let me let you in on a little secret. My definition of free is as follows: Something that doesn't cost you one red cent! You don't have to fill out ANY gooffy offers! You don't have to take any surveys! You don't have to pay 1 penny for shipping. THAT IS FREE!

The very fact that I am searching for something for FREE probably means that I can't afford it any other way. If I could afford your save my marriage course for $400 maybe I would have searched for something like, "Save My Marriage for $400" or "Marriage Counseling for $400." But I didn't search that! I searched, "Free Marriage Counseling." This probably meanse that my marriage is in shambles and I really need help in my marriage NOW! But I can't afford the traditional counseling, CD's or any other program that is going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Enter, Crisis Family Care, Inc. We are here to help marriages and families that find themselves in a crisis. And yes, you guessed it, "All of our services are, FREE!" You won't pay $400, you won't pay $50 with free e-mail consultation, you won't even pay a small $4.99 shipping and handling fee! Nope, here at Crisis Family Care, Inc. our services are offered free. And by that we mean you don't pay anything. We are here to help families that are in need and by that we mean, that if you are in need and don't have money to pay for services, well there are no services to pay for because all of our services are free! We are excited with how God has been helping our ministry to expand. God has been supplying all of our needs! We believe that God is supplying because we are helping people! And it is not about making money on some $400 dollar program. We are about Helping You!

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