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An Effective, Mutual, and Satifying Communication With Your Companion.

To have a marriage that really lasts, you must have an effective, mutual, and satisfying communication with your companion.

  • A. Communication Is a Must For the Long Haul in Marriage.
  • 1. There is a definite relationship between marriages and the ability to communicate.
  • a. When communications begin to break down so do marriages.

    b. When marriages begin to break down so does communication.

    c. When couples do not talk, they do not relate to each other. Then they do not stay very close. Couples that are not close can have some very serious problems.

    I heard about one wife telling another lady that she did not think her husband listened to her anymore. The lady asked, “Well, how do you know that?’ She said, “Well, the other day at the breakfast table, as usual, he was reading the paper, and so I told him I had decided to go and get cremated.” And so he said, “O.K. honey, get your hat and let’s go.”

  • 2. Good and proper communication should be the goal of each companion.
  • a. Problems will develop in many areas of the marriage relationship if both partners do not desire and practice good communications.

    b. Too often problems start by what we say rather than what we actually do.

  • 3. Too often the lack of communication is due to the lack of commitment to each other.
  • a. Total commitment to each other’s love will open the channels of communication.

    b. If you are having trouble communicating, work on increasing your commitment level.

  • 4. Many problems in the area of communicating are due to the lack of training in the courtship period.
  • a. During that time they were too busy possibly being too physical.

    b. But in marriage the real “you” comes to the surface.

  • B. There Are Five Levels of Communication. (This is from the lowest level to the highest.)
  • 1. Cliche Communication
  • a. How are you?

    b. How are you doing?

    c. This can be a very shallow form of interest to someone whom you love if this is as far as you take your communication.

  • 2. Reporting the facts kind of Communication.
  • a. This is when we only get together and tell what is happening.

    b. Cover events on the calendar.

    c. We cover the budget and other pertinent areas of life.

  • 3. Sharing ideas and opinions.
  • a. Sharing likes and dislikes.

    b. This is the level where we begin to share our thoughts.

  • 4. Sharing feelings and emotions.
  • a. Knowing what makes us happy or sad.

    b. We share with each other what makes us upset.

    c. Knowing when something makes you fearful.

  • 5. The highest level of communication is where we will share complete trust and truth in each other.
  • a. This involves our freedom of sharing with each other without any reservation.

    b. You are communicating so close you have no fear of rejection or put down.

    c. Men and women are so different in this area.

    1) Women want to share themselves, their feelings, their joys, their problems, and their fears.

    2) Where men want to share their world. They want to give advice and solve problems. They want to share information and there is a world of difference. APPLICATION

    How do you rate yourself?

  • 1. How can I correct my level of communication?
  • a. Start by lovingly asking for forgiveness for not caring enough for your mate.

    b. Pray together. This builds your wife’s security.

    c. Do things together which will create opportunities for communication.

    d. Consider your mate’s interest in your activities.

  • 2. Work on the problem, not on the partner.
  • 3. Seek to uplift your partner.

    Please take hold of your partner’s hand and pray a prayer of personal commitment to communicating better with your companion.

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